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Training Module Approved

The Training Module “Milking Hygiene and Sanitation in Dairy Farming” was approved by the T.R. Ministry of National Education.

Raw Milk Hygiene Training Module is an output which has innovative factors because it is the first detailed training module in its vocational area. So that, the project management team planned to create training module for raw milk hygiene in dairy cattle enterprises. For this output project coordinator the provincial directorate leaded the team for designing the Training Module and all the partners participated. Also we have had educational methodological contributions from Adnan Menderes University.

Research, literature review, observation for the preparation of training module(s) and materials. The project team identified a priority constraint that can be summarized as poor knowledge and technical skills of smallholder dairy farmers due to the limited skills and the unawareness of the basic practices for improved farm management and milking hygiene. Both in Turkey and abroad, the Project management team carried out research, literature review, observation and investigation of European training methods, modules and applications for raw milk hygiene training modules. The team investigated and examined European Vocational Qualifications onsite.

Writing Draft Training Module: The module writing team created the first drafts by looking at the European models and according to the regulations implemented by Ministry of National Education.

Publication of the Module: The module finalized by experts and published. The Training Module which is “Süt Sığırcılığında Sağım Hijyeni ve Sanitasyon” “Milking Hygiene and Sanitation in Dairy Farming” was produced with the contributions of all the partners for the vocational Qualifications of the professional groups working in the dairy farming sector Methodology: Pre-tests, Results of the Raw Milk Analyses, Observations, Research & literature reviews, partners’ contributions,

discussions and interviews, expert contribution - The Training Module submission to the Ministry of Education the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning was on 17th February 2017. Training Module was approved by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of National Education on the 24th May 2017.




Name: “Milking Hygiene and Sanitation in Dairy Farming”

Training Module Duration of the training: 40 hours (8 hrs/day, theoretical and practical)

Aim: to train individuals who will have knowledge about milking hygiene, milking equipment, hygiene and sanitation, and will have the qualifications to do the milking by applying the hygiene rules in a conscious way small and large scale enterprises in dairy cattle.

Qualification of the trainers: academicians, veterinary surgeons veterinarians, agricultural engineers (trained in zootechnics or agricultural machinery), food engineers and food & veterinary health technicians / technicians