Raw Milk Analyses

According to Aydin Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’s the year 2017 records, there are approximately 35 thousands dairy cattle farms in Aydın province. Enterprises are grouped according to their size in small scale (1-25 heads), medium and large scale (26 heads and above). A random sample of 1400 enterprises was selected using the "Stratified (Rational) Sampling" method developed by Yamane (1967) in determining the sample volume to be trained from these grouped enterprises; Raw milk analyses were conducted twice before and after the trainings, with 3 repetitions in 157 dairy farms  in the group of 1400 dairy farms.


According to EU milk hygiene regulation, in raw and heat treated milks

max. Number of somatic cells: 400 thousands cells/ml

According to the Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on raw milk and heat treated milk,

max. Total Bacteria: 100 thousands cells/ml

An increase of 100,000 cells/ml over 200,000 cells/ml in the Somatic Cell Count causes a 2.5% loss in milk yield.

Within the scope of the project, the Somatic Cell Counting Device was bought.


A total of 471x2=942 samples of milk were examined for TB and SHS, including 3 samples from 157 dairy farms in Aydın province.


After the trainings applied within the scope of the project, three samples of raw milk were taken from the same enterprises again and the numbers of Somatic Cells and Total Bacteria were determined.

Significant improvements were detected in all the districts according to the analysis results.